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J.D. & Marge Welty started planting mandarins in 1964. They had a vision, and they worked hard to realize it. They cleared the land of rocks and planted the first 5 acres by hand. In the coming years they eventually planted all 17 acres with delicious Satsuma Mandarins.

Why has the farm endured for more than 50 years? Over the years the Welty brand has understood that what customers want above all else is fresh, tree ripened and unprocessed mandarins at a fair price.  

Although Marge and J.D. no longer run the farm, the Welty name and the commitment to excellence is still the heart of our business. So if you're in the Oroville area in November and December, stop in and sample some of the sweetest mandarins in Northern California.


Over the years, the Welty family tried many different preservation techniques, such as packing by size, gas ripening, and refrigeration. Eventually, however, all of these techniques have given way to their desire to deliver the freshest possible mandarins. So you can rest assured that every mandarin from our farm was grown naturally, the old fashioned way.


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"Age and variety...
a unique taste."

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Meticulous care was given to the development and planting of the Welty mandarin orchard. All of the original, seedless satsuma mandarins were budded from the cuttings aged mother tree in Thermalito, CA. The trifoliate rootstock was chosen for its cold hardiness, in spite of the fact that this particular rootstock/budwood combination is known to grow on a much slower cycle than the average rootstock—a cycle of up to 15 years.